Matthew Bush, Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures (Spanish), Director of Latin American Studies Program

Marie-Sophie Armstrong, Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures (French)

David Casagrande, Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology and the Environmental Initiative Program

Hugo Ceron-Anaya, Assistant Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Eunice Cortez, Lecturer, Modern Languages and Literatures (Spanish)

Marilisa Jimenez Garcia, Assistant Professor, English

Miguel Pillado, Assistant Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures (Spanish) 

Antonio Prieto, Associate Professor and Chairperson, Modern Languages and Literatures (Spanish)

John Savage, Associate Professor, History

Megan Sheehan, Postdoctoral Fellow, Latin American Studies

David Small, Professor, Sociology & Anthropology

Ricardo Viera, Professor, Art, Architecture and Design, Director/Curator of the Lehigh University Art Galleries/Museum Operation

Maria Barbara Zepeda-Cortes, Assistant Professor, History


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